Global Network

Our worldwide longstanding relations with manufacturers, producers, wholesalers and distributors allow us to provide our clients a diverse line of products satisfying their expectations and improving their operation.


No account is too big or too small. We can service commercial food suppliers of all sizes, from a small cafe through to the largest national businesses in the country. Such an assortment of clients means that a wide range of catering supplies and wholesale food products are necessary to fully provide for and service our clients’ needs. Our in-depth knowledge of the market and industry requirements such as the necessary product characteristics, product specifications, legal matters and local regulations established Food Supplies Ltd as one of the leading enterprise in the island.


Our main warehouse covers a 4000m2 and is located in Limassol just 0,5 kilometers from the port. It is managed and maintained by a professional and dedicated logistics crew, certified to use all the available equipment to perform their day to day tasks. We are able to accommodate goods with various temperature requirements and specifications. We store frozen and chilled, fresh fruits and vegetables, wines and spirits, and ambient temperature goods. All areas temperature is controlled and we ensure the freshness and the quality at any given time.


Our fleet is new and is consisted from various types of trucks and vans. We are able to deliver frozen, chilled and ambient products. We source our customers efficiently and on time with a diverse line of products so as to ensure their supply chain sustainability and to avoid interruptions.


Our instore manufacturing unit satisfies all customers’ needs. We are able to handle or repack all kind of food such us fresh or frozen meat, seafood, dairy products, vegetables and fruits, rice and legumes, spices and several other items. In addition we satisfy the constant requirement for smaller portions and pack sizes on various products.

24/7 Logistics

We have developed a trustworthy customer service and distribution logistics system in order to deliver an integrated solution to our clients performing a 24/7 service in the country. Wherever you are and no matter what, our promise will be delivered! Stay connected!